Environment 36

Concert® Modular Wall System

Technology where you need it.

This one of a kind wall system allows for a variety of unique power and data solutions centered around supporting both patient comfort or clinician functionality - all while concealing unsightly cords behind the tiles. Utilize iPod tiles, Wii gaming tiles, backlit light boxes, powered workstations and more - with the ability to change or reconfigure the tiles at anytime in the future.

Encore Pediatric Wall

Encore® Modular Wall System

Simple Design. Custom Organization.

This lower cost patented wall system offers the flexibility of change and tile reconfiguration without incorporating power and data. Yet it offers custom shapes and sizes and allows an architect or hospital to put their signature on a project. It's a great alternative to millwork and can even be incorporated into existing case work. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Lyric Pediatric v2

Lyric™ Glassboards

Vital information. Designer Solution.

Lyric makes it easy to take care of your staff’s communications needs while contributing to the look of the room. Choose from a variety of images, background colors and games to customize Lyric to any environment. 


Wall solutions for efficient, effective healthcare environments.

Supports the way healthcare environments operate today. Raspberry Med modular wall systems, charting and storage solutions offer versatile, interchangeable components that adapt to changing needs.

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