72"x36" footwall with video conferencing

Adaptability. Prepare for Change.

Change is an everyday challenge for hospitals and outpatient clinics. Concert makes sense because inevitably change comes with evolutions in technology, new protocols and practices, and facility design.

  • Put items where you need them - when you need them.
  • Add, remove, or reconfigure elements – all with one simple tool and without the costs, disorder, and disruption of a construction project.



Technology. Access at the Bedside.

Patients and their visitors will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a variety of entertainment tools and keep up with the outside world. Caregivers benefit from solutions that improve access to hospital information sources.

  • A concealed power tile offers a central access point for all power to the Concert wall to make installations and re-configurations simple.
  • Depending on the application, an integrated video conferencing tile allows physicians and staff to interact with long-distance consulting resources or support virtual visits from family and friends.


Design. Intelligent design.

Studies suggest that patients experience less pain, stress, and anxiety when they have "positive distractions" such as artwork. Concert's decorative tiles give you the creative freedom to create healing environments that nurture patients, support your facility's brand, or aesthetic image.

  • Available in a variety of laminates, 3form® acrylics, or Corian®.
  • Customize the tiles with your own photographs, artwork, or logo – expanding your design possibilities. 



Applications. Customized performance.

Concert is designed around clinician convenience as well as patient comfort. Outfit a variety of areas in your healthcare facility – each with a configuration reflective of specific application requirements.

  • Tailor a solution to space ranging from any patient room to nurses' stations and physician lounges.



Consisting of a lightweight rail, frame, snap-in tiles, and accessories, Concert is a modular system of interchangeable components that can be configured in nearly infinite ways to create customized wall arrangements for every area in your healthcare facility.


View the Concert Modular Wall System brochure (2 MB, PDF) and specification guide (4 MB, PDF).

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