Specifying in Three Simple Steps

Your selections will be highlighted in red. Only one frame can be selected. Select as many tiles as are shown in the frame you selected.

(1) Frame Size

(2) Select Tiles

Identify which tiles you would like to place on your selected frame. If your frame is 18" x 54", for example, specify up to three 18" x 18" tiles. If your frame is 36" x 72", specify up to eight 18" x 18" tiles. NOTE: Some tiles will occupy two "squares".

(3) Choose Accessories

Several accessories attach to the frame between two tile locations. Select accessories that you would like to add to your wall unit.

Contact Information

Form Actions

Made to Order

Concert modular wall systems offer endless solutions to meet the needs of your facility. To explore what solutions may be right for you, we've prepared a variety of tools that can assist you planning your Concert wall:

  • Complete the form on this page to submit to us your initial wall requirements. We'll provide you with one or more solutions that address your needs.
  • Use the tools we created for you on Design Resources for Google Sketch Up or Revit on to create your own custom space.
  • Use our Concert worksheet PDF (638 KB, PDF) to create rough organizations by frame size.

Fabric & Finish Samples

Need finish or swatch samples? Contact us and let us know what we can do. 

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