Modular tiles can be used in near endless combinations – from functional applications and technology support enhancements to aesthetic elements – to create walls that support clinician needs as well as provide comfortable environments for patients and family.

Custom Images

Create custom murals on tiles or a group of tiles. Visit Fotolia to view image ideas available for purchase.

  • Power Module

    Power Module

    Provides convenient access to power. The pull-down door opens 180˚ and features an integrated pull.
  • Gaming


    Securely houses Wii gaming console, remotes, games, and accessories. Remote sensor is located on top of the Concert frame. Door
  • Clock


    Clock is 13" in diameter and three available faces. Digital unit is also available. Synchronized clock system is optional. Contact
  • Workstation (Open)

    Workstation (Open)

    Pull-down worksurface features a self-closing door that serves as a desk, document storage compartment, dry-erase surface and provides four outlets
  • Keyboard-Ready Workstation

    Keyboard-Ready Workstation

    Pull-down worksurface features a self-closing door offering worksurface space with keyboard-ready sliding hardware on interior for positioning and document/mouse storage.
  • iPod


    The iPod tile gives the option to listen to music via an iPod dock, watch recorded movies or slide shows
  • Multi-Media


    Gives patients and family members the option to plug in personal items, such as laptops or cell phones.
  • Monitor Frame

    Monitor Frame

    Integrates hospital's own flat screen monitors with Concert to connect with hospital charting systems or for patient use.
  • Utility/Med Storage

    Utility/Med Storage

    Securely holds meds and frequently used supplies. Features six adjustable shelves, door/worksurface with automatic closure, and a cam lock. Door/
  • Chart Holder

    Chart Holder

    Stores patient records, magazines, and other literature.
  • Infection Control Dispenser

    Infection Control Dispenser

    Caregiver-focused station to support infection control and sanitary items including a hand-sanitizing dispenser,masks, and gowns.
  • Infection Control Supply

    Infection Control Supply

    Caregiver-focused station to support infection control items including masks and three boxes of gloves.
  • Decorative


    Decorative panel for enhancing the patient environment. Offered in a variety of laminates, 3form® Varia Ecoresins®, Corian, or custom materials.
  • Light Box

    Light Box

    Provides task lighting or acts as a night light. May also be used for an illuminated acrylic panel for decorative
  • Markerboard


    Dry-erase surface for caregiver and family/visitors.
  • Tackboard


    Allows easy access to important papers or photos.