Mount the robust medium-density fiberboard (MDF) frame to the wall or custom-designed backdrop.

The frame’s protective thermofoil, 3D lamination is ideal for medical applications. It resists marring, abrasion, stains, chipping and delamination. It also can be made with an antimicrobial finish.

Snap decorative and functional tiles onto the Encore frame.

Contact the factory for custom shapes and sizes.

Vertical Frames

1371576799 18x36e
36h x 18w
1371576812 36x36e
36h x 36w
1371576878 54x18e
54h x 18w
1371576890 54x36e
54h x 36w

Horizontal Frames

1371576716 36x18e
18h x 36w
1371577024 18x54e

18h x 54w 
1371576841 36x54e
36h x 54w
1371576852 36x72e
36h x 72w
1371576863 36x90e
36h x 90w