Lyric is available in a variety of sizes.

All versions can be backlit or include a steel magnetic backer (not both).

Vertical sizes have a third available option of a 2" rigid styrene border & U-Track.

Custom sizes are welcome please Contact Us to discuss.


1415644886 Lyric 36hX36w Tile
36"h x 36"w
18"h x 18"w
15"h x 15"w


1415645135 Lyric 30hX15w Tile
30"h x 15"w
1415645338 Lyric 30hX22w Tile
30"h x 22"w
1415645426 Lyric 36hX18w Tile
36"h x 18"w
1415646014 Lyric 54hX18w Tile
54"h x 18"w




1415646133 Lyric 18hX36w Tile
18"h x 36"w
1415646799 Lyric 15hX30w Tile
15"h x 30"w
1415646904 Lyric 22hX30w Tile
22"h x 30"w
1415647070 Lyric 18hX54w Tile
18"h x 54"w