Lyric makes it easy to take care of your staff’s communications needs while contributing to the look of the room.

If you have custom designs you want to try, let’s talk. We can help make your ideas sing within your budget.

And when you need new artwork or additional boards, we’re a phone call or email away from delivering a solution.

Graphics. Entertain all ages.

Hospitals can be scary for children. Lyric helps you ease their anxieties by creating a child-centric play space along the wall. Choose from a selection of colorful pediatric images and games to amuse the entire family.

Durability. Stands up to medical environments.

Your medical settings are physically demanding. So Lyric glassboards feature a bacteria-resistant, 1/4" low-iron, tempered-glass surface that will last the life of the wall.

Write with dry erase markers. Then wipe it clean — sensitive information disappears without ghosting or staining. Lyric's glass surface resists scratches, abrasions, fading, denting and color changes, too. And the flat, polished edges won't chip or cut, making Lyric a safe addition to any room.

Versatility. Change your message in seconds.

Any vertical Lyric glassboard can feature a 2" rigid styrene border with a u-track that allows you to change out the background artwork or color again and again. Just slide out one design from behind the dry-erase glass surface and slide in a new one. Use it to post custom signage, change out training materials, or do quick redesigns.


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